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Virtual Family Art Night

Woven Pictures


You will need two drawings - one drawing will be your "loom" and one drawing will be cut into strips to weave through the loom.

Join artist and teacher Linda King to learn how to make a woven picture! 



  • markers and/or crayons

  • papers to draw on

  • glue or tape

  • pencil/pen

  • scissors

  • ruler

"Woven Pictures" Art Tutorial Video

Detailed Instructions for Woven Picture Art Project

  • Step 1:

    You'll need to two drawings that are on the same size paper. One drawing will be the loom and the other will be cut into strips. TIP: We recommend the two drawings both be in a horizontal/landscape orientation, but have contrasting color schemes. For example, one can use warm colors, the other drawing has cooler tones. Another fun option is to create one really colorful drawing and then make a copy or scan/print your drawing in black and white.

  • Step 2:
    Step 2:

    Determine the width you'd like your loom and strips to be cut. Half-inch increments will create a more detailed picture, but the one-inch increment is easier for younger artists to weave.

  • Step 3:
    Step 3:

    To make your loom, fold your drawing in half (left to right) so your drawing is inside (like a card). Rotate the paper so the folded crease is closest to you and the two ends are at the top. Place your ruler along the top and make a mark at each 1/2” or 1” increment (whatever size you determined in Step 2). Then, just above the folded end, make marks in those same increments and then use a ruler to help you connect each set of top/bottom marks with a vertical line. On the top, draw a horizontal line across (left to right) about an inch down from the top to create a visual indication of where to stop when you are cutting Take your scissors and cut along each vertical line (starting at the folded end all the way to the horizontal line across the top. Don't cut past the top line. Unfold your loom and set aside until your strips are cut.

  • Step 4:

    To make the strips you will weave into your loom, take your other drawing and flip it over so the image is facing down. On the back of the drawing, place your ruler along the top and make a mark at the same increments you did in Step 3 (the strips should be the same width as the loom slits you just cut). Repeat the markings on the bottom of the page, and then use your ruler to connect each set of top/bottom marks by drawing a vertical line. Before you cut your strips, be sure to number them so it’ll be easy for you to keep them in order when you are weaving through the loom. Cut your drawing into strips following the lines you created.

  • Step 5:

    With both drawings face down, you will carefully weave the strips in and out of the loom from bottom to top, alternating between over and under. Make each strip opposite from the one before. Carefully and neatly line the strips next to each other. The numbers on the back of your strips will help keep the drawing in order. Depending on the size of your increments, you will have to remove some strips. You also may need to trim the last strip if you have trouble fitting it in.

  • Step 6:

    Once all of your strips have been woven, you can turn the project over to make sure everything is facing the right direction and is in the order you like. Make any needed adjustments and then glue both ends of each strip to the loom.

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