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Virtual Family Art Night

Fireworks & Flag Diorama


Watch artist and teacher Linda King to learn how to make a Fireworks & Flag Diorama!


  • straws (red, white, blue)

  • poster board (white 22” x 28”) one board makes 3 projects

  • red and blue markers, crayons or pastels

  • small paper to draw flags on

  • scissors

  • clear tape or hot glue and white glue

"Fireworks & Flag Diorama" Art Tutorial Video

Fireworks & Flag Diorama Instructions

Step 1:
Cut a standard size white poster board that is 22" x 28" into three 7" x 28" strips. Each diorama uses one 7" high by 28" long strip.

Step 2:
Use a ruler to measure the five panels. From the left, the vertical line you will draw with your rule measures: 3 inches, 11 inches, 3 inches, 8 inches, and 3 inches. See image example below. After you draw those lines, fold them carefully and crease for a sharp fold.

Step 3:
Your 8" panel, which should be the fourth from the left, is where you sketch your buildings. Draw a skyline with 3 or 4 houses or buildings. Make the roofs vary between 4-5 inches in height, and be sure to draw windows and doors too.

Step 4:
Color your buildings in a patriotic color scheme of red, white and blue using markers, crayons or oil pastels. If using pastels watch out for smearing!

Step 5:
When finished, cut out along the roof tops along the entire 8" panel. 

Step 6:
Next color the 3" and 11" panels with a red white and blue star and stripe sort of design. Big bold shapes on this part of the project.

Step 7:
Turn over your panel and color a night sky with bursts of fireworks exploding in various sizes and a night sky background. If you have glitter you can decorate the bursts with some lines of glitter.

Step 8:
Fold all of your panels and glue the 3" end panels together. (One  of the end panels will hide the other one when you glue them together so pick your favorite one to show.)

Step 9:
While your glue is drying, cut flag shapes out of paper. The flag size should be about 1 to 2" high and 2 to 3" long. Use markers or crayons to decorate the flag with stars and stripes, or make up your own design.

Step 10:
The straws will be your flag pole. Use about 1/4" of the flag length to glue or tape around the straw. Then glue or tape the completed flag pole to your diorama.

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