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Virtual Art of Healing


Cactus Card Art Project Video Tutorial

Sponsored in part by AdventHealth, our free Art of Healing outreach is offered to anyone in a medical situation, caregiver, healthcare worker, survivor or person in need of reflective time.

Cactus Cards


In helping others heal, we begin to heal ourselves. Please join us for this Virtual Art of Healing Workshop and create cactus-stamped greeting cards to brighten the day of a friend.

The cactus symbolizes survival, as it thrives in harsh conditions. Learn the simple techniques to create cactus stamps and how to make them grow into a beautiful, symbolic piece of art to share.


  • scissors
  • ballpoint pen
  • water-based markers
  • blank white cards & envelopes
  • Styrofoam sheets (cut from an egg carton or take-out container will work)

This project is good for all skill levels! Just watch the video tutorial below to get your step-by-step instructions.

Join our Art of Healing Community!

Please email a photo of your completed project and a written reflection (prompts below) inspired by the project to

  1. What was your favorite part of this project? (Creating the stamps, piecing the cactus together, sending mail to a friend?)

  2. How do you relate to the cactus symbolism of survival?

  3. Or, please write your own creative response to how this project made you feel.

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