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Watercolor Watermelon

It's summer and also #WorldWatercolorMonth, so what better way to #CreateInPlace right now than to make this cool watercolor watermelon painting!


  • watercolor paints (pink, dark green, light green, black)

  • watercolor paper

  • paintbrushes

  • cup of water

  • palette

  • pencil

  • ruler


  1. Use a pencil and a ruler to draw a watermelon wedge
  2. Fill in the top of the wedge with pink watercolor
  3. Use a paintbrush with clean water to blend the paint
  4. Vary the thickness of paint and make some areas darker than others
  5. Use dark green watercolor to paint the rind.
  6. Leave a white space between the green and pink.
  7. Paint a lighter green above the dark green, and let the two mix.
  8. Use a paintbrush loaded with fresh water to lightly blend the light green and pink.
  9. Use a small brush to lightly dab on the seeds.
  10. Let dry. (afterward, you can darken the seeds by adding another light dab of black paint).
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