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Marbled Paper


  • Shaving cream
  • Scraper (use a ruler or old gift card)
  • Food coloring (or paint, watercolor, whatever you have)
  • Fork
  • White paper
  • Tray to contain the mess (or use a baking sheet, pan or just foil or plastic wrap)


  1. Cover one side of tray with shaving creme (same size as paper, leaving other side clean)
  2. Experiment with color mixing by adding small drops or lines of color
  3. Use fork to begin the "marbled" pattern
  4. Press paper into your shaving cream
  5. Move paper to clean surface side and scrape away the shaving cream with the ruler or gift cards
  6. Use the same print multiple times or add more colors and/or change the patterns with the fork
  7. Only print on the front and back if using heavy paper

See the full video tutorial by Ms. Q below!

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