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Reed Pens & Markers Virtual Workshop: Drawing & Mark Making with Van Gogh

Wednesday, February 24, 2021
6:00 pm8:00 pm
Reed Pens & Markers Virtual Workshop: Drawing & Mark Making with Van Gogh

Registration Deadline: February 17
Supply Pickup: February 22-23

Through the ages many artists have used reed pens for their drawings and writings. In this virtual class with Colleen Flannery Caceres, we will be observing the mark making techniques of Van Gogh in his drawings and paintings, and also learn interesting facts about his life. We will use reed (or fountain pens if you prefer), and markers to create two studies of his work. You will learn about the traditional tool of a reed pen, which Vincent used for a number of his drawings and to write his letters to Theo. You will then try your hand at these techniques with a reed pen or a fountain pen.

Following this we will create a detail drawing of a Van Gogh painting in marker on illustration board. We will talk about color and learn techniques you can use with markers to emulate the beauty of a Van Gogh painting. Expand your knowledge, curiosity and skill in this enriching two-hour virtual workshop! Please note the last half hour is to continue developing our drawings together so if you need to leave a little early that’s ok, you’ll have what you need to continue your drawings on your own. See you in class! Some supplies are included for this class; please see supply info below.

• Hand-Carved Reed Pen
• Two Pieces Hot Press Illustration Board
• Bottle of Black India Ink

PLEASE PROVIDE THESE SUPPLIES ON YOUR OWN: A handful of Q-tips, Rubbing Alcohol (90% or higher), set of fine tip Sharpie markers or other brand alcohol-based marker set (include one black marker and a small range of colors of your choice), No.2 round or flat paintbrush, one sheet of white scrap paper for testing ink, paper towels, pencil, two small bowl/caps for holding ink and alcohol, (optional: fountain pen if you’d prefer to use that instead of the provided reed pen)

COST: $60 (museum members) /$67(future members)

NOTE FOR OUT OF TOWN STUDENTS: A detailed supply list is available for out of town registrants or those who want to provide their own supplies. No supply kit shipping available.


Colleen Flannery Caceres is an artist, mother and teacher. She has taught art to young and old, in person and virtually. She studied illustration in college, worked as a studio artist professionally for nine years, and has worked as a freelance artist for 30 years. Colleen has also studied early childhood education and high school art. She is currently homeschooling her two kids. She creates and teaches in many media.

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