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art by museum staff


Museum Staff Art: Nov. 23 - Dec. 6, 2021

Pop-Up Window Exhibit @ 9 West Granada Blvd, Ormond Beach

Artist Bios

Kristin Heron

OMAM's Curator of Education, Outreach & Exhibitions

About the "Unearthed" series

Kristin Heron has long been influenced by the unique flora and fauna of Florida’s landscape, which becomes a metaphor for human experience in her art. To unearth things takes time, and her current series "Unearthed" is a collection of paintings that will be revealed over the next year. “Unearthed” brings attention to our physical relationship with the ground we stand on every day and our dependence on what it yields, while also drawing parallels to the transformation of human thoughts and emotions through reflection beyond surface depth. It's a worthwhile commitment of time and patience to witness how the earth changes things or how we change ourselves. A sprout or a clean bone emerges only after being within the soil, appearing as something new. In this way, the world beneath our feet is a place that supports what is most precious – life, death, and renewal. "Unearthed" explores our inseparable relationship with this sacred resource and our only home, the earth.

Michelle Davidson

OMAM's Gallery & Volunteer Coordinator

About the "Abandonment" series

The journey of abandonment is a personal look into the process of letting go: of people, of places, of things which no longer serve our highest purpose. The first four paintings, Carnival, Hideout, Fallout, and Floodgates, take a look at personal relationships and how their dynamics effect our emotional being. The second part of the series digs deeper into the personal exploration of the self: fears, hope, and discovery. Through our own reflections and exploration of love, one may find that through abandoning our past one might find a new bridge to the soul.

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