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Hailey Nolin: June 1-28, 2021

Pop-Up Window Exhibit @ 9 West Granada Blvd, Ormond Beach

Collection Statement

“When I started thinking about this collection and the direction I wanted it to go, I wanted to embody the different shades of our Florida waterways while focusing on conservation and beauty. Considering both of those topics, I decided to create these pieces using only water and diluted acrylic paints and mica powders in layers. Each piece barely has any medium on it since so much water has been added, and that’s the whole point. These paintings embody the thought that beauty can come from even something very little while using resources conservatively.” — Hailey Nolin


Hailey Nolin is a 23-year-old abstract ocean artist based in Ormond Beach, Florida who specializes in fluid mediums like resin, fluid acrylics, and woodworking. She runs an art business in which she teaches online and in-person workshops while expanding her knowledge of fluid art forms through experimentation.

Nolin also runs a large Instagram account called @artisthaileynolin along with a podcast called Hey it’s Hay and a YouTube Live show called The Maker Meetup. Her main goal is to bring the community together through art and show appreciation for our beautiful waterways. You can find out more about the artist at .

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