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FLWAA: March 2 – April 5, 2021

OMAM Pop-Up Window Exhibit @ 9 W Granada Blvd

Florida Women’s Arts Association

The mission of FLWAA is to bring recognition to the achievements of Florida women artists by exhibition and supporting art by women and by education the public about their accomplishments. Learn more about this group at

Lillian (LC) Tobey

ARTIST STATEMENT: "Capturing the light is everything." As a glass artist I take delight in the way glass changes with light and creates a dance all of its own. My pieces are colorful to design a sense of joy that resonates with the eye of the beholder."

A native of Chicago’s south side, Lillian (LC) Tobey used art as her escape to happiness. She moved to Ormond Beach in 1994 with a background in business and accounting. She’s affiliated with several artist groups in Florida, and has found networking to be a very important tool to grow as an artist. On her Facebook page, she enjoys promoting artists, their work, exhibits, accomplishments and achievements.

“Sharing each other’s works is vital to the sustainability of the arts. When we cross-pollinate with artist of all forms of expression it creates a spirit that resonates with all lovers of the arts, for the arts, to grow the arts.” — Lillian (LC) Tobey

Nancy Newlove McElroy

ARTIST STATEMENT: "Clay offers me the most freedom as it responds to physical pull and push resulting in three-dimensional expressions of my inspiration. Skill on the potter's wheel and hand building techniques develop only by doing and failing. Glaze and clay science are also an integral part of one's success. Fire transforms the ceramic structures to the hardness on unrecyclable stone that become relics to discover in the next era. Realizing this, I inspire to leave only the best visual statement of my voice."

Nancy Newlove McElroy earned her Associates of Arts degree from Green Mountain College and BFA from Alfred University: College of Ceramic Art and Design. She worked in production management at Bennington Potters in Vermont. After moving to the suburbs of NYC, Nancy worked in retail, taught pottery and had a one woman show in the Silo Gallery. As a wife and mother of two, Nancy continued to teach in her community and work on commissions. She sold her pottery in numerous gift shops and galleries throughout New York. Once retired in 2013, the McElroy’s moved to Ormond Beach. Nancy is active in Florida Women’s Arts Association, The Art League of Daytona Beach and The Beaux Arts of Central Florida. Her structures have earned recognition and several awards.

Trish Vevera


Combining her love of outdoor “plein air painting” with the challenge of abstracting the landscape, Trish provides a contemporary rendering of a realistic environment. Her landscape work pushes reality by the use of bold, vibrant color and imaginative design.

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